Relationships are Messy

Couples begin their life together full of hopes; and then somehow, conversations turn into fights, laughter into silences, sexual play into isolation and trust in betrayal. Suddenly, it seems as if you can’t stand this person you once loved so much. The partner that in the past appeared to read your mind, now has the uncanny ability to push your buttons to hurt you.

Some bury their heads in the sand refusing to see reality; others hide behind their jobs, the children or other obligations, while others get involved with someone else--anything to avoid the pain of confronting what nobody wants to accept, that the relationship is in crisis.

Is there Hope? YES!

Although it may be hard for you to believe it right now, I have witnessed how couples can work through these crises. The end of the honeymoon does not mean the beginning of the end. With commitment and support, fights, lies, and silences can be turned into supportive conversations. Your relationship can become the safe haven you hoped for, a supporting environment where love and growth can take place.

If your relationship is not what it used to be, it is not going anywhere or you feel trapped not knowing what else to do, this is the right time to try couples therapy. Don’t wait any longer. If things have not changed by now, they are not going to change by themselves, no matter how much you wish for it.

Do something for yourself and your relationship! What can you lose? Only your pain. Contact me to begin rediscovering love.
Don’t forget to ask about commitment sessions, workshops, premarital consultation and a complimentary half an hour initial phone consultation.

I specialized in diverse couples with mixed backgrounds (nationality, race, religion, age, culture, styles, points of view…) working with them to disentangle personal, existential, relational and family crises. I've worked with clients dealing with communication issues, infidelity, lack of sexual desire, anger, mixed agendas, money quarrels, problems with children and in-laws; supporting them to get more out of life and their relationship. I know that to make things work, we need to look at both sides of the story and appreciate differences in education, choices, background, perspective, gender, beliefs, feelings, opinions among many many more.

You can learn to be in relationship.

Take action!
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