Spirit@Work is the result of 25 years of research and immersion in the business world, human nature, the role of the body, the importance of communication and meaning to transcend; put to the service of helping our clients work and love better.
Create a better world. To actively participate in the integration of body, mind and psyche at individual, group and ecological levels, helping every person and organization to live in harmony and accordance with their highest potential.
To help clients rediscover where they come from and what they can do to live and work better. To offer services, trainings, workshops and individualized consulting services that integrate the best of various disciplines and traditions, communicating, in every interaction, the fantastic opportunity implied in being here and now. To raise awareness of the importance of seeing each relationship as a single and unique chance for personal, community, and planetary growth.

What does Spirit@Work include?

We do not have a body, we are our body. This applies to individuals and organizations alike. Without a body we would simply cease to exist. To achieve integral development we need to understand the organism systemically and take advantage of its innate wisdom.
It is our ability to think that allow us to plan, create set goals and achieve them. Our mind requires constant refinement, sharpening and new opportunities to flourish. Applying a comprehensive view to consulting, we help clients improve company loyalty, increase productivity, efficiency and be happier in their work; hence dramatically reducing turnover and desertion.
It represents our highest aspirations, our emotions, our desire for fulfillment and transcendence. We focus on helping our clients to keep focused on what really matters to them, what inspires and motivates them to live and to get more out of life, learning to work and love intensely.
It is our essential life force and the source of inner energy which animates everything around us. Spirituality is the outward expression of this energy in everything we do. Our spirituality is reflected in our drive to excel, the desire to connect with others, our ability to feel compassion and our desire to contribute and leave a legacy.​
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