The ability to communicate directly, clearly and empathically is key to the success of an organization. I help uncovering of communication blocks, designing specific strategies to improve consistency, the ability to listen, give and receive feedback and resolve differences; keeping an open mind and heart so communication can flow freely and emphatically.

The benefits in the workplace go from a better ability to accept change, fewer errors, reduced absenteeism, improved safety, enhanced crisis management skills, increased creativity and concentration, to (and prominently) stress reduction. I train clients using a combination of ancestral techniques and modern neurobiology applied to the business world.

I provide tools aimed towards making meetings effective achieving lasting decisions, reducing frustration and time-wasting. I teach proven techniques for decision-making, follow up, setting deadlines and assigning responsibilities. When dealing with conflicts and crises my work includes facilitation, ensuring that clients themselves reach acceptable solutions for all involved.

Integral work requires that we include all the facets of being human. To achieve realization, we need to tend to all aspects of our experience. I assist our clients recognize what is most important for them, what propels them beyond the ordinary, what is the fire that moves them. By finding their deepest motives, I help them manifest passion and spirit in their work, turning everyday activities into opportunities for personal and professional realization.

What are the internal principles that govern your organization? What are the implicit rules of your company? I will help you discover the prevailing culture (often unconscious) in your organization to determine whether it promotes or hinders the performance of your goals, and I will help you to adjust and align intentions to the desired results.

These three concepts determine the way an organization behaves. Working from the bottom up, I delve into what really is important to the company, achieving greater alignment and commitment between the interests of your company and its members.

Through a comprehensive process, I help clients to better understand and discover their own leadership style, developing the necessary skills to guide and inspire others, ensuring that such development is harmonious and lasting. I provide structures and tools to manage teams, present results and promote accountability among its members.

The success of any organization is directly connected to the ability of its members to work together. I help teams to develop practices that promote cohesion and facilitate dialogue to achieve their goals, while learning to appreciate their differences and use them to the benefit of all.


What are some benefits of Spirit@Work?

  • Reduction in staff turnover.
  • Less stress-related problems.
  • Greater commitment and loyalty.
  • Increased motivation and creativity.
  • More trust and honesty.
  • More humane organizations that care for their employees.
  • Companies committed to their community and the planet Individuals willing to contribute meaningful and deep relationships.
  • Happier employees and companies!

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